Making an order

Using the shopping basket

There is a button with a "shopping cart" symbol below each product. Clicking this button automatically brings you to your shopping basket. The item you selected will be added to your basket. At any time you can increase the number of items of each product, or delete a product. If you change your mind and don't want to order a product, or wish to choose a different one, you can simply remove that product from the shopping basket. You can then resume shopping, or continue to checkout.


You can enter the voucher code in the designated input field (shopping basket overview).


The order process does not begin until you click on "checkout", and you then enter options and personal details in a series of steps. The heading section of the order page gives an overview of these steps in the ordering process: shopping basket, address, shipping, method of payment, checking & confirming the order, paying with PayPal

 or creditcard.

Details required for an order

We have tried to ensure that the order process is kept as simple as possible.
 However we require certain details in order to complete your order:
 Your name and address, the name of the recipient and their address (in case the address differs from yours), and your credit card details if paying by credit card.

Before you begin to order, you might like to find out more about our Terms & Conditions, your right of cancellation (declaration of revocation) or our data privacy policy.

Costs of shipping

Shipping costs amount to CHF 4.90 (incl. VAT) for inner-swiss respectively 4.90 EUR for non-inner-swiss (abroad) deliveries. The sum required for free shipping is indicated within the shopping basket.

Gift subscriptions

Give a gift of a mountain bike tour of Iceland, a trip to the outdoor city of Ljubiljana, or a fly-fishing holiday in Graubünden!

Can this be done? Yes, it can!

Enter a different address for the delivery and soon the named recipient can be holding a guidebook for the gifted trip.


Making payments in Outdoormediashop is always secure and easy.
You can choose to pay:

  • by credit card (MasterCard and Visa Card)
  • by PayPal.

Still questions?

You still have questions or recommendations? Use our contact-page to send us a message. We will answer you as soon as possible.